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 Contract on Martin Soprano

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Milosh Bushido
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PostSubject: Contract on Martin Soprano   Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:10 pm

*You open a door and enter my office.*

*You can spot a a white safe next to the table.*
*You can use a key I gave you to open the safe.*

*If you open the safe you will be able to find this document inside it:*

Dear Agent,
Burke wants us to eliminate person named Martin Soprano, ex - Dirigente.
Since he left our family as such a high rank he knows a lot about our future plans, we need to kill him of course.
He is very careful and he may be suspicious that we are up to him, so this may be hard.
Recommending highly experienced agent for this task. Completing this contract will result in 60.000$ reward.
Wish you good luck.

Signed - Hitman Director, Milosh Bushido.

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Contract on Martin Soprano
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