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 The Security Team Application.

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PostSubject: The Security Team Application.   Thu May 03, 2012 3:01 pm

Hello members of La Familia Lucchese,

Maybe you heard of the Security Team, we ensure that our headquarters and members are safe all the time. It is not a easy job. You must be not afraid of anything and respond to all backup calls immediately. Do you think you can do this improtant job? Then please send a letter to the Security Team office.
((Copy the code below and post a new thread))




Current Rank:

Years lived in Los Santos((level)):

How long have you been in La Familia Lucchese?

Why do you want to join the Security Team((at-least 50words))?

Why do you think you desire to join the Security Team((atleast 25words))?

Did you read our information thread?[IF NOT MUST READ]

Which team you would like to be a part of & Why? (at-least 50words)

Photo of your La Familia Lucchese card((stats)):

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The Security Team Application.
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