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The recruitment is OPEN. Interested? Contact Burke F Lucchese!

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 Information [MUST READ]

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Director of Security Division

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PostSubject: Information [MUST READ]   Thu May 03, 2012 3:40 pm

Dear members of "La Familia Lucchese":

I'd like to announce that, if you interested in joining us, You have to fill our Application. IF accepted, Contact ME or Ryan for In-Game Role-Play and Out Of Character test. P.S, Rank 2 At-least to apply.

About the division background:

1- We will be divided to two teams.
- Internal Security
- External Security

*Internal Security Duties Are: Everyday you will Re-Designed by the Vice Director 'Ryan' to your new positions indoor of our HQ and roof access. Your whole duty is the secure our HQ.

*External Security Duties Are: You will be Designed to some spots by ME, You will be guarding people with some RP around LS and the amount of money gained will be deposited in the family SAFE, and you will take an interest of your hard working. Thus we will announce that we have bodyguards rented daily for some RP Situations.

Some Rules You Need to Follow:

1- Be Aware of your attitude with the division members and respond always for orders, Also with other divisions members.
2- Park Role-Play car ONLY outside our HQ.
3- Make sure you Role-Play every single expression you do.
4- Don't break any server rule while Role-Playing. Such As, Crack Shooting.if warned twice = demoted.
5- Don't use OOC chat while Role-Playing, Use /w instead.

Our own Role-Play Events:

- We will be located always in the underground garage, with the re-assignment. We will be kidnapping some people (P.S, Make sure you choose high levels who can RP) and ask them to pay money to survive or anything and what ever gained will be deposited in the family safe, Always concentrate on kidnapping enimes such as "Hillitops" members. (more events coming soon)
P.S, You're not allowed to kidnap without the resident of the DIRECTOR or VICE DIRECTOR online.

More topics coming soon.


Director of The Security Division.
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Information [MUST READ]
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