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 Famiglia Roles And Rules [OOC+IC]

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Burke F Lucchese
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Family Leader &    Forum Administrator

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PostSubject: Famiglia Roles And Rules [OOC+IC]   Sun May 20, 2012 11:59 am

La Lucchese Families Structure / Rules :
La Famiglia Roles
1-A-Drago Flleming : UnderBoss [Capo Bastone] : The Capo Bastone is second in command to the boss.
1-B- An underboss receives monetary compensation in various ways. For example, he may be a partner in several rackets and

thus get a cut. In addition, several capos may pass their envelopes through the underboss, who takes a percentage and passes

the remainder to the boss. However he makes his illegal earnings, it is a significant enough amount to make his position one

of envy, especially when prestige and the possibility of additional advancement are weighed. Sometimes an underboss will have

his own crew.
1-C- Just like the boss of a family, an underboss may also have a right hand man. This right hand man may speak in place of

an underboss or carry out additional tasks for the underboss.
2-A-Brooke Rothman : A Consigliere is a close trusted friend and confidant to the boss[Don] a counselor with the additional

responsibility of representing the boss in important meetings both within the boss's crime family and with other crime

2-B- When a boss gives orders,La Consigliere issues them in private either to the consigliere or directly to his caporegimes

as part of the insulation between himself and operational acts.
3-A-Kevin Flleming : Capo -leading a a crew (means a place For Exemple : Idlewood,Flint Count..)/capo, is a term used in the

Mafia for a high ranking made member of a crime family who heads a "crew" of soldiers(Mademans) and has major social status and

influence in the organization.
3-B- Individual crew members report to the capo. The crew collects protection and other money for the capo, who at regular

intervals gives a share (or "taste") of the collected money to the underboss and/or the boss. Estimates of average income of

a capo varies and is difficult to quantify. Income is dependent on the success and size of a capo's crew and the state of the

economy at the time.
4- Staphan Del Sarto: The lawyer of La Famiglia, he's affairs linked to the Boss or the underboss
5- Inzaghi Del Sarto: The Collector Of La Famiglia, taking orders from the (Capo/Boss/UnderBoss) to collect the money or

taxes from other enterprise that we already Extort.
6- Micnea Norman :(MadeMan / Assasin ) [(MADEMAN) also known as a made guy, man of honor, or Mafioso, is someone who has been

officially inducted into LA FAMIGLIA They may also be referred to by some as a goodfella or wiseguy. However, that would be

6-B- Assassino (Internal Hitman) : Get hired into the family to kill people for money and destroy our enemies.
7-[David F Lucchese / Ryan Nevera ] :
A-David F Lucchese : [Mademan working under Kevin Flleming orders] and he's the guy responsible of the Mademan ceremony
7-B- Ceremony : When someone become a mademan ,David is responsable to do the ''ceremony'': Means he need to Tatto his neck

with La Lucchese Sign and cut his small finger
7-C- Ryan Nevera : He's a mademan and responsible about the connection with street gangs.
8- [Octavian F Lucchese]: He's the famiglia manager he's responsible about business and dealing control ,of enterprises and

importation + exportation (We Rply Hold San Fierro Docks / Ocean Docks ).
8-Nazir Flleming : He's a truth Mademan working under the guidlines of Kevin Flleming he's responsible about Recruiting new

employee for our enterprises and make them a front for our PUB (Don Luccio Bistro) / Hangout.
9-Milot Setland : The Bodyguard of the Boss + Mademan
10- Associato : Evan Norman / Dave Freeman / Cloud Slice
A- Evan Norman : A Close friend of the Don and he's giving the family the news about our enemies
B- Dave Freeman : Working in the LSPD and he's giving us the news about law actions
C- Cloud Slice : WOrking in San Andreas News and he's making a publicity about La Lucchese Enterprises
11 - Joe J Biggums : A Front Employee in the Don Luccio Bistro (PUB)
12 - Ope Dutchman , An Assistant of Octavian Lucchese in the Managment job[
13 - Dani Silva, an outsider keep patrolling around The Pub checking the area around.

La Famiglia Rules [OOC] + (IC)
(IC) -if someone ignore high ranks orders in the frequency he can get kicked or punished
[OOC] -you can't say that you're busy when someone ask you to come or something ,that's totally non rp, you need to find nice

excuse to say.
[OOC] Family members need to take ss and post them on the forum for their role acting., Lazy job you can get demoted if you

abuse it you can get kicked. (2 Rp events Each Week)
[OOC] R3+ are allowed to recruit by /ads for bartenders ,we call our PUB icly '' Don Luccio Bistro '' -you're not allowed to

tell him about our activites and who we are icly only if the Capo allow yo
[OOC] if the capo is going to make the employee a mademan he need to do the ceremony part.
[OOC] Don't wear leo toys and don't drive racing cars.
[Ic] If someone question the don order he can get kicked or punished hardly
[IC/OOC] if we notice that your in a official family while your in our fam we give you a chance to Quitfamily if you don't

you'll get kicked/ IC = if we catch your rping with them icly we will punish you hardly.
[IC] Keep your private problems away of our famiglia job.

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Burke F Lucchese
Family Leader & Forum Administrator
Family Leader &    Forum Administrator

Posts : 28
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PostSubject: Re: Famiglia Roles And Rules [OOC+IC]   Sun May 20, 2012 12:05 pm

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Famiglia Roles And Rules [OOC+IC]
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